Brand identity Design “Custom Package”

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    Custom Package

    More items can be added to the Standard Package. Common pieces include business cards, letterhead (printed or Microsoft Word), social media post templates, brochures and info sheets, merch, signage, or other digital templates or printed pieces. Templates are typically created using Adobe Creative Suite software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). Pricing will depend on the scope of the project. 

    For many clients, a cost-effective solution is dividing a project into two parts. Phase 1 is the standard brand identity package, and Phase 2 is applying the new branding to the set of collateral that your business needs.

    A note about websites:
    Web design and development are a specialty in itself, so I don’t include it with brand identity pricing. I recommend clients hire a dedicated individual or firm for this. The firm can use the look and feel we develop in this project to build the site.


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